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Timberland opens its door to it’s new purpose-led flagship store that highlights the brand’s sustainability credentials and delivers a unique experience to customers. The new store was unveiled at 5-7 Carnaby Street on the 11th November following a relocation from Regent Street and forms part of a new global concept for the brand.

JPR Lighting were commissioned to supply and install 3 surface mounted lightboxes ranging from 990-4845mm, 2055x2460mm and 3580x3245mm all with a once piece diffuser with uniformed 4000k, CRI <90, dali dimmable illumination. Each surface mounted lightbox was powder coated to meet the clients desired RAL. These 100mm depth lightboxes give an effortless daylight feel in a seamless fashion.



360 degree illumination, 4000mm length, 300mm diameter, these large bespoke pendants were designed, developed and manufactured by JPR Lighting.

Client’s visual (Bottom left) and the final solution (Bottom right).
Visual renders are becoming more and more important in securing the end client’s approval. Achieving the clients exact visions is something JPR Lighting pride themselves on.
Initially these pendants were specified to be suspended however the height of the ceiling and their position would have caused them to swing. JPR developed a solution to achieve the clients vision whilst also upholding the structural needs required for the fittings.


JPR Lighting were approached by a lighting designer to develop a unique solution to feature within this entrance lobby in the heart of Paris.
Images were supplied of the space and JPR’s design team presented concepts to our client. The design for this space took heavy inspiration from the geometric square detailing on the walls surrounding the lobby. JPR Lighting provided visuals of the space featuring the chosen design for client sign off.
The desired concept was then developed into an approved design by the end client.
This design incorporated both inner and outer illumination with a golden powder coated housing to match with the surrounding details.
The complete luminaire consisted of x3 2000 x 2000mm, x2 1500 x 1500mm and x3 1000 x 1000mm pendants.

Client Feedback: “The fitting provides a fantastic dimension to the space”



JPR Lighting were commissioned for a complete turnkey solution from design, manufacture and installation of signature lighting
throughout the specialist areas of the new 2019 Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club stadium.


The hexagon design style is common throughout the Players lounge. It was important that the lighting echoed this thought process. The hexagon styling mimics the design of a goal net to stimulate the mind of the players into focusing on the goal. This completely bespoke solution was designed and developed by JPR Lighting to meet the clients vision. The hexagons light boxes are design similarly to a track and sheet light box. Recessed into the existing ceiling structure with a Class 0 fire rated fabric diffuser for a flush fabric to edge diffusion.




A fully bespoke JPR Lighting design featured around the circumference of the Luminaire Bar and lift lobby, all central in the heart of the H-Club executive suite. JPR Lighting created a 1 to 1 scale sample to prove the concept was achievable for client for sign off.
This brass fronted step lantern echos the luxurious details throughout the suite. Pre fabricated into individual sections and installed onsite with over 230m of LED. A totally bespoke solution that meets the clients exact vision.




The below visuals indicate the clients vision for the lighting solution within the Media Cafe. JPR’s CAD design team created a profile visual for sign off with the client.The shape was fabricated using the clients DWG to achieve the exact design. JPR supplied a complete turnkey solution from design, manufacture and installation for all appointed areas throughout the stadium.

These continuous swirl lights circa 28m long each by JPR were designed and manufactured with a one-piece diffuser for a seamless finish. Organically flowing through the Media Café, these solutions bring fluidity to this adjoining environment.




A triangular ceiling design visual was presented to the JPR team which soon developed into an array of bespoke lightbox and acoustic triangle solutions.It was important to the client that access behind a number of the triangles was feasible. JPR came up with a unique hinge system with cok and latch closure to make this achievable (bottom right).

The ceiling layout comprises over 500 bespoke triangle boxes designed, manufactured and installed throughout the East and West wings of the Sky Lounge by JPR Lighting.




Throughout the very initial design stages, JPR Lighting were introduced to the project to help guide and develop ideas for each area of the project. This project hosted a wide variety of bespoke lighting installations from the 7 2.5m x 2.5m by 100mm depth lightboxes, stunning theatrical lightrafts and bespoke rhomboid designs. The rhomboids were fabricated using JPR profile PR2623 into the required designs for the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. Suspended on stainless steel suspension cables, with tuneable dual white dali control. Simplistic solution coupled with creative design has a great visual impact.


Established 70 years ago in the heart of the textile industry, Skopes enjoys a rich history and heritage filled with the highest levels of innovation and service. JPR Lighting were bought on to assist in the design of the overall solution. The client wished to have a seamless uniformed diffusion throughout which incorporated the use of sprinklers.

The 4246mm x 3200mm x 300mm lightbox was manufactured in four sections for ease of transportation and assembled on site with a one piece diffuser for a seamless finish. To ensure a cohesive appearance with the interior of the store, the lightbox was powder coated to the clients desired RAL colour.

A grid like pattern was achieved using powder coated flat bar and secured onto the perimeter of the lightbox. It was part of the brief to incorporate the existing sprinkler system around the lightbox fabrication. JPR Lighting developed a solution ensuring the sprinkler heads were flush with the surface of the lightbox. A unique solution that met the functional requirements of the project whilst also meeting the clients design vision.


Adding interest and playful tones to the centre of this Private lounge are x8 bespoke 1200mm diameter polo pendants. Featuring uniformed direct illumination at 4000k through an acrylic diffuser. Each ring has a cross section dimension of 75x60mm and a painted Formica housing finish.
Suspended at different heights to meet the clients designs vision. A simple solution with striking execution.


Set in the heart of the National Maritime Museum are these bespoke 3500 and 4280mm diameter polo pendants. These polos were designed to sit perfectly within the buildings existing architecture as a statement for visiting guests.
Each ring features a 80x100mm cross section width with a Black Grey RAL 7021 powder coated finish to meet the clients requirements.
Manufactured and supplied in sections for easy transportation. Assembled on site using hidden connection points to give the illusion of one uniform ring. A warm 3000k illumination is achieved through the stretch fabric diffuser creating an inviting environment for guests.


JPR Lighting were presented this beautiful Finishes Proposal (see below) for the reception of the Thanet House development. The client wished to achieve a repeating ‘glow’ to feature floor to ceiling. A quick on site mock up was created by JPR Lighting to illustrate the ‘glow’ options in front of the Architects and Builder. This allowed for a very clear and fast decision. Assembly of the lighting solutions were manufactured by JPR to ensure installation was made simple and straight forward when delivered to the on site teams. This consisted of prefabricated boards to be fixed into any required position for building alignment.

During the project, JPR were asked to pick up the counter lighting and attended site the next day to meet project completion for the client. As well as the beautiful reception area, JPR Lighting were bought in to also supply other areas of the project. The floor level indicators on each floor, a recessed linear profile solution in all restrooms and a stunning bubble glass feature wall incorporating a lightbox solution.


This stunning solution was brief to appear falling from above. A complex ceiling rose was designed to combine two design concepts into one uniformed luminaire. To achieve the motion of falling, each luminaire was suspended at different angles giving a real sense of tumbling. Mufasa combines inner and outer polo luminaires offering illumination to all aspects of its surroundings. Featuring the latest in LED technology the luminaires provides a uniformed diffused light.

Eleven custom bent aluminium housings form the complete luminaire from 1500mm to 900mm diameter. The chandelier is set to tuneable dual white achieving 3000k to 6000k and can be set to any temperature between at a touch of a remote or wall plate. A striking solution seamlessly joining theatre to this cooperate environment.


Introducing Volkswagen’s first retail store in Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre where JPR Lighting had the pleasure of being involved in assembly and installation of 4 suspended light boxes. As you can see the accompanying images these lightboxes emulate the look and feel of the store and showcase the displayed vehicles.

The suspended light boxes were manufactured with flat pack design at their core. This focused on simplifying the assembly process and reducing shipment costs. Combined these attributes make international shipment external assembly feasible, with a reduction in errors and overall, a far less complicated process.


Designed by JPR Lighting, this bespoke fabricated solution guides you through the reception of the Nandos HQ. The brief was to create a luminaire that seamlessly curved around the reception in an organic flowing manner. JPR’s design team presented concept shapes to the project’s lighting designers based on their JPRs custom manufacturing capabilities.
Made up of seventeen suspended sections, with an opal acrylic diffuser, this unique fitting achieves 3000k, including emergency lighting. With Nanos passion for South African art it was important the JPR’s bespoke solution cohesively followed that vibrant culture. The 60x80mm cross section housing was powder coated in the clients desired RAL colour which effortlessly matched the fitting to its environment.


Boden’s retail store in Duke of York Square, Chelsea, London is a stunning example of collaborative solutions. This saw the launch of Boden’s first central London store, bringing a little more colour to the capital. What better way to showcase the vibrancy of the store than this unique light box creation.

A recessed light box finished with stretch fabric diffuser, a beautiful solution to ensure a uniformed light throughout. JPR Lighting was proud to partner up with Ansorg on this project, ensuring complete installation before the festive shopping season.


The St James’ market project is a stunning collaborative example of effective office lighting. Specific design requirements to incorporate a Kvadvat TM outer fabric were essential to the client. To achieve this, the design and manufacturing teams at JPR Lighting had to develop a series of lightbox mock ups ensuring a tailored solution. Execution of this project seamlessly integrated the bespoke lighting elements with the interior design environment and furnishings.

At JPR Lighting it is our philosophy to understand our client’s needs and if necessary work with them to development and refine a solution that retains the original attributes of their vision. We like to think anything is possible within a creative process as when cross disciplines collaborate the results can be both surprisingly unexpected and special.